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Are professors really nice to students in super-small classes of 4 students?


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Especially when they're just offering the course for the first time? It seems that they're more willing to be flexible with assignment deadlines, and they're also grateful to students just for caring enough to register (and to do the work, even if not necessarily always on time).

Not that I'm trying to use excuses for turning in assignments late. But rather, I like having such a class when I'm taking 5 classes and doing research at the same time.

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I don't want to make sweeping generalizations, but I am in a similar class right now (5 people, not a new class but one the prof loves teaching and I think she is just grateful that enough people enrolled that she could still teach it) and I definitely feel this way. I haven't tried pushing deadlines yet but I know other people have without repercussions (contacting her ahead of time at least, and asking for extensions). I also think the bar is set really low in terms of grades - normally this prof is sort of tough but this is the most lenient class I've ever taken. People have produced some seriously mediocre work (like presentations) and she'll be like "oh, fabulous! A++!!"

Makes sense though - it's not only a break for us, it's a break for the prof too! So they are probably in a better mood, thus making them more agreeable when it comes to being flexible.

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