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Hello everyone... I have been thinking of the pros and cons in all of the schools to which I applied and I'm not being able to make a decision. I was accepted to all my options. IPS gave me no funding, and SAIS gave me 20k for the first year. Since SAIS has alway been my first choice, I eliminated IPS. All other schools, however, gave me considerably more money. SIS, GSPIA and KORBEL gave me a full ride, and ELLIOT gave me 20k/year. I also have an external scholarship that gives me a 25k/year stipend. So... I need to decide between going to SIS, GSPIA or KORBEL for free, ELLIOT for around 7k/year, or SAIS for considerably more money (aprox. 30k/year). Is SAIS worth it? I will not be able to go to any admitted students day, so I would appreciate any input in this respect. Thank you all.

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I think SAIS is considered the superior program, but it's very quant-heavy, which could be a plus or minus depending on your plans and interests. If you want to work during school, it believe your schedule at Elliott (plus its location) would be much more accomodating. I would take a close look at the programs, all the required/optional classes as well as the post-graduation employment info and go with whichever one fits your goals and interests better.

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