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Importance of Honor Society Memberships



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  1. 1. Would you join subject area honor societies?

    • Only if I did not get into the large field one?
    • I would join the ones in my major?
    • I would join the ones related to my major?
    • I would join ones that just seemed odd for me to be in?
    • Cost and expectations on my time would be the deciding factor?

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As the end of the school year approaches for some the emails start going out over large listserves calling for applications for honor societies. While the large important societies have strict requirements (Tau Beta Pi (engineering) Beta Gamma Sigma (business) .....) that if you get asked to join it is such an honor one usually says yes. The smaller subject area ones do not have such strict requirements.

Is joining these subject area societies important for the graduate application process or are they just needless collections of lapel pins and other graduation day accessories?

Example of requirements to join (from my inbox this morning with the area replaced by the word subject):

Requirements include:

* 3.5 GPA in subject and/or subject-related coursework AND successful completion of 6 hours of subject and/or related coursework

Or 3.5 Overall GPA

* Junior or Senior or graduate class standing

* Membership of the International Subject Association (This requires a $35 fee)

* Completion of attached application form in X days

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