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Help/advice needed on MS&E, FE and all that jazz.


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Hi everyone,

I'm from Singapore and am currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in Management in my final year, with the National University of Singapore. I am 24 this year.

I am considering a Masters in primarily Finance and Engineering which can be completed in a year as I will be quite financially strapped. I have completed several internships in Engineering firms, a 2 year stint in the military and completed several academic projects as well as a student exchange program at Texas A&M, which is one of the reasons which I like about the education system in the USA, and hence my pursuit of it. The main reason in doing this degree is for me to start of a career in Finance, preferably asset management. And as the USA is experiencing some economic turmoil, I was thinking that getting an advanced degree to wait out the storm as well as to further my qualifications in Finance would be a good idea.

I do not have good grades, in fact I'm looking at a Second Lower Honors for my degree at NUS, however, I would like to try at some of the best schools in the USA, in the case anyone can spare me an opportunity. The list are as follows:

- UPenn

- Cornell

- UMich



- Berkeley

- Harvard

- Stanford

- Princeton

- Dartmouth


- Yale

- UChicago

- Brown

- Duke

- Columbia

Can anyone advice if this is realistic or offer any advice how to better my chances? I can get recommendation letters from my Texas Profs, my SIngapore Profs as well as my past employers.

Also, what program is recommended? To date, I have heard that Berkeley's MFE programs and Stanford's MS&E Programs are really good. Are there any others? I understand that all grad programs in the States are good and all, but the sad fact here in Singapore is that banks only pay attention to Ivy League/Premier school graduates.

Also, can someone point out to me all these abbreviations? Exactly how many Finance/Engineering courses are there? Financial Engineering, Managerial Science, Financial Economics etc... what's the difference and which school offers good programs for these? I've tried search the whole forums but to no avail.

Can anyone help/advice?


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