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Do you need to provide proof of offer when negotiating?


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I have received financial aid award from one school and now the other school that accepted me wants to offer a financial aid package because I received an award from the first school. Do I need to provide proof of the offer I received from the first school when negotiating with the second?


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I mean... I don't know but I'd say that if they are asking for it, then definitely provide the evidence of that other funding package. If they are not asking, then you could send them the details of that offer if you think it may help your case (i.e. will result in financial aid *full stop* or will result in an even bigger financial award). If you think that it will not really help your case and you will be awarded funding no matter what (or you think it may actually hurt *you never know*), then obviously do not send them evidence.

The very fact that you manage to negotiate with the school is laudable!!! Well done!

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I don't have any experience negotiating with schools about funding, but I would guess that if you tell a school you have a better offer from somewhere else then they're going to want proof (unless, I guess, it's well know what the other school offers). Good luck with the negotiating.

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