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ECE Department, Iowa State university, Ames


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Hello all.

I am an International undergrad student and have received an acceptance for PhD in ECE department with $1500/month scholarship. I also have a conditional offer from Cambridge University in Physics.

Research topics at both places are equally interesting and it is tough to differentiate only on that issue. (Research Interest: Photovotaics)

The main positives of ISU are

1) the electrical department and hence the connection with the industry

2) the US effect

3) it seems that I can get my PhD in 3-4 years, which is quite less than most of the other US universities

4) Ames seems to be quite non-expensive town

while the main negatives of ISU are

1) its name, in QS top University rankings Cambridge is ranked 1st while ISU is ranked 295th.

2) Ames seems to be very small and quite dull town, where as cambridge with so many students and its tradition is a very lively town (my assumption)

Any suggestions/comments regarding Ames City and/or ISU and/or ECE department,ISU would be very helpful.


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