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Computer Science Fellowships

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I know big name companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM have fellowships everyone can be nominated for, regardless of citizenship/residency. I also know I am not eligible for an NSF fellowship. So, what other fellowships are computer science international students eligible for?

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That's an excellent question that I've looked up myself. Unfortunately, there aren't many (besides the one you mentioned) that are available to international students. Another one is possibly the nVidia Fellowship, which I think is open to international students. There's a good (if slightly outdated) list of CS Fellowships here: http://people.csail.mit.edu/amy/fellowships.html a few of them seem to be open to internationals as well.

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Yeah, the nVidia one is good too, for 2nd year grads and above. Google seems to have more than one fellowship. My guess would be that other big companies could have fellowships too, and they seem more interested in also giving the fellowships to internationals.

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