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Looking for additional funding for Fletcher School, Tufts U


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Hello everyone,

I have just graduated from the undergraduate School of Law at Osaka University with a first prize for the defense of my thesis. I am currently doing research in my alma mater under a Japanese government grant. However, I am currently looking for full scholarship to go to the US for graduate study.

I would like to explain my current situation a little. Three weeks ago, I received notification that I was accepted to the 2-year Masters in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) program at the Fletcher School, Tufts University in Boston. They even offered me a scholarship of 15000USD per year, renewable for the second year. However, it is very insufficient, as tuition fees alone cost 34000USD per year. I have searched high and low for scholarships I am eligible to apply to, but I have found only one \, which is Malaysia's (my home country) central bank scholarship. I was ineligible for other scholarships due to various conditions like being open only for Americans, only for undergrad, not for intl relations etc. Although I know that putting all of one's eggs in one basket is risky, I have no choice. Since my family is not well-off (dad is unemployed), if I do not get more funding at the latest by the time I apply for the visa in June or July, I might have to abandon Fletcher altogether.

As such, in order to realize my ambition of becoming a researcher or practitioner of international affairs, it would delight me if anyone in this mailing list can provide me with any information on such scholarships.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Osaka School of International Public Policy,

Osaka University.

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