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Development master's at UCL


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Hey there,

Is there anybody out there who went to University College London for Development or who has considered/is considering it? I'm accepted to the Social Development Practice MSc program and am having a hard time telling if it's the right choice for me. I'm also accepted to the New School MSIA program and will hopefully get into the MDP program at Emory (they're STILL working on getting decisions out).

Is the UCL program well-regarded in the US? I plan to work in an NGO dealing with international issues, but I'm not sure if I ultimately want to live in the US or abroad, so I don't want to pick a place that limits my options to stay in the states. The US programs I'm looking at aren't necessarily big names, so I'm not sure whether any of this matters...

This program is one year, rather than two at the US schools. It's great that that makes it a little cheaper, but is that enough time to learn everything???

For graduates: Did the size of the program feel right to you? Do you feel like you developed helpful relationships with professors? Were professors and administrators approachable? To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect culturally from British schools--the application process itself has seemed a lot less streamlined and hands-on than with the US schools I applied to...

Any other considerations you can think of?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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