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Four options for Ph.D. programs in English...

English Ph.D.  

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  1. 1. Which of these four would you suggest?

    • University of Alabama
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of Mississippi
    • University of Kentucky

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I applied to Ph.D. programs in English (conscious, of course, of the risks, and have taken several years to think about this decision), and I've narrowed it down to four programs. I'd very much appreciate any insight into these programs and help with making this decision.

I applied mostly to large public universities in the South, mostly because of the low cost of living and the better funding opportunities because there are fewer applicants.

The following four programs are on my short list, and all offer the same funding, basically (tuition remission, $12,000/yr average stipend):

The University of Alabama

The University of Mississippi

The University of Kentucky

The University of Arkansas (I am likely to get an additional $10,000 fellowship from them)

Any advice or insight into these programs? So far I'm impressed with the faculty and course options, especially considering my area of interest, but I'd love to know your opinion on the school, the towns, and the reputation. These aren't the most prestigious universities in the world, I know, but I applied to much more competitive schools the first time around and it yielded rejections and waitlisting, which promoted me to lower the bar a bit.

Thanks so much in advance!

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I have a friend in the English Department at the University of Kentucky and, from what I can tell, she's had a positive experience. As I'm sure you know, UK is also the highest ranked school of the four on U.S. News and World Report. All other things being equal (i.e. no disparity in placement statistics, $10K fellowship, or notable differences in faculty), I would go there.

But as always, it's a good idea to visit and/ or ask the DGS lots of questions. As a PhD student, you should be particularly interested in placement stats. A good program will have very specific information for you.

A final note: you might use your preference for UK to get Arkansas to make an official fellowship offer. What's holding them up?

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