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Counseling Psych at Denver, Kentucky, NYU, Northwestern, UPenn, or Temple? Help!


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So I've been accepted to the following programs:

University of Denver - Counseling Psychology, MA

University of Kentucky - Counseling Psychology, MS

New York University - Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, MA (with 8k scholarship per year)

Northwestern University - Counseling Psychology, MA (with 2k assistantship per year)

University of Pennsylvania - Counseling and Mental Health Services, M.S.Ed.

Temple University - Counseling Psychology, MA

I'm a Pennsylvania resident, went to Temple for undergrad and majored in honors psychology. My primary goal in obtaining this master's degree is as a prerequisite for counseling psychology PhD programs. Almost all the counseling psychology PhD programs I've looked at require a master's degree first.

I haven't received financial aid info from any of the schools yet with the exception of NYU, and Northwestern sent me an e-mail about their assistantship. Either way I'll be taking out a lot of loans as counseling psych master's programs are virtually unfunded.

Does anyone know anything about the programs I've listed above? Anything good or bad I should know? I have a big decision to make, so any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!

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