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UC Berkeley Rhetoric

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How is this program ? Supremely competitive everyone says .

But where does it figure in the job market ?

Some feedback will be helpful.

I don't know anyone in the general rhet/comp field who has anything to say about this program. It's not really part of rhet/comp, as far as I understand. I've only met one graduate of the program, and she taught film studies at my undergrad institute's film school. When I asked her, she had no input whatsoever about composition or "rhet/comp" as most of us understand it. For her, it was basically a film studies program.

I mean, just look at their dissertation list! It seems like a hodgepodge of Marxism, literature, and the occasional legal or film critique. It's one of those lists that just begs to be targeted for a Fox News report: "Tax-payer money funding students for bizzare research projects such as 'Subjectivity, Ethics and the Question of Survival in the work of Semprun, Levinas and Derrida'".

I suppose it's one of those "you're awesome because we accepted you, do whatever you want, and you'll get a job writing about obscure topics at another awesome school for the rest of your life" programs.

(Of course, there are some legit rhetoric dissertations on there, too.)

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