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Hi! I am starting to freak out about if I will even get into a Speech Pathology program. I am taking GREs next week but my GPA is lower. It is about 3.2. Any ideas/advice for me or places to look?

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Apply to a range of schools. A lot of schools do not just want a person with a really high GPA/GRE...experiences also play a HUGE role in the decision process, generally speaking.

I was freaking out about grad schools & where to apply because my gpa isn't a 4.0 (since I took a lot of math/science courses before switching my major). However, I had internships for the past two summers & volunteered with an SLP in an elementary school this year. Also, your statement of purpose will allow you to explain any inconsistencies in your record & if you really have a passion for this field then it will shine through in your SoP.

I applied to 10 schools...got into 4, 3 rejections, and 3 waitlists. So don't freak out too hard! I was definitely freaking out thinking I couldn't get in since my gpa wasn't as high as most people but I got in :)

one school you may want to look into is St.Ambrose in Iowa. They're fairly new, so they are just establishing their program. But don't limit yourself :) you can be just as qualified as the person with a super high gpa!

Soooo sorry this is so long!! Hope this helps a bit :)

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Do well on the GRE, get great LORs, make sure your SOP is spot on (have roughly a million people edit it =P) and try to get as much experience related to the field as you can. It's really competitive, so I would apply to a large number of schools that are of a wide range of levels as far as acceptance rates. If you look at EdFind on ASHA's website, you can look at the stats of lots of programs and see how many applied versus how many got in. The higher that percentage of admits, the higher your chances of getting accepted.

GPA isn't everything to most AdComs it seems, but just make sure everything else is impressive.

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