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Dartmouth vs BU


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so just like the topic title, Dartmouth or BU?

my undergrad major is Advertising and Public Relations, and apply for Dartmouth at Liberal Studies MA.

At dartmouth, i choose cultural studies track and never expect i would get an admission from them. so no, i didn't research about the major deeply.

but I knew they have vague curriculum and some of my friends told me the course can be cashcow. (any opinions about this?)

meanwhile some professors suggested me to go to dartmouth rather than BU since they have reputation and MA degree is not a big deal, it can be changed anytime.

able to get a better job in US and if I choose to come back to my country, I can have wider options thanks to it's vagueness ironically.

and they said I would regret end of my life if I turn this down.

BU fits my undergrad major and they support students really well, and I just love BU.. their curriculum looks logical and think the professors will take care of my future career and everything.

however I cannot think of other options when I graduate since it is for PR only.

Any opinions would help me a lot. lack of info since I live outside of the US.


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