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have any painters heard from Cranbrook?


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I interviewed on March 25, and they said they would try to let us know by today, but they didn't seem totally sure. And they didn't say how.

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What is taking so long with Cranbrook's Painting department? It seems like everyone's already heard from all the schools they applied to. It's also getting close to the April 15th deadline. Has anyone heard yet?

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I just found this and thought it would help your wait... hope this is cleat without the forum formatting.

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Posted Today, 03:22 PM

nope, you misread that. on the 2nd they notified me i was a finalist via email and set up my interview for 3/28. they are supposed to send out their decisions this week. sadly, the woman in charge of processing the notifications had a death in the family so things are delayed on their end.

snapback.pnganna2011, on 04 April 2011 - 03:35 PM, said:

You were notified and accepted to Cranbrook on the 2nd according to your stats?

MFA Painting

Cranbrook - interview 3/28, notified by email 3/2

MICA - via mangled we're-sorry-we-ate-your-letter-usps-plastic bag 3/29

NYU - via my own stupidity 3/30; allegedly i never 'submitted' the application

PennDesign - wait list. via letter posted to online application 3/14

RISD - via post 3/17

SAIC - via post 3/4

UCLA - emailed 3/12

UCSD - emailed 2/28

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hey all. if you haven't heard back yet, you should check in. i was wait listed. found out after i emailed yesterday because i a was going out of town and wasn't sure if the decision was coming via mail or email and needed to make plans if it was the former. kathy willman (who is just super nice; the admissions registrar person) said they had already offered six people acceptance and they needed to see how that went. didn't find out how long the wait list was though. you should send her an email if you haven't heard.

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