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Is it really late to find advisors?


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Is this really too late to find advisors for Fall'11? I have applied to Master's programs and I did try to find advisors during the application process. But the couple I contacted didn't get back to me. I should have kept looking for them and emailing those in the programs I'm interested in. But can I still email potential advisors and see if they have graduate positions available? The reason I want to do this even though it's this late is I was told by a school that they will keep my files in case a supervisor gets interested in my application. Will it adversely affect my application if I email professors now and end up hurting me more? What should I tell them in the email?


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I don't understand. If you have been admitted to some university, then you should probably try emailing professors and see if you can join their group. If you have not been admitted at some university, then there is little point in emailing professors so late in the process. Almost all decisions have been made and it wont lead to anything.

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