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So, after months of painful rejections from PhD programs, I finally got accepted to an MA program at UNC Charlotte. I'm really excited about the idea of going to grad school there, but I'm worried I may not be able to attend because of the cost.

My acceptance letter, after informing me of my admission, told me that I was classified as a nonresident and would have to pay the appropriate tuition and fees. The letter was signed by the associate dean of graduate studies, not by anyone in the department itself. Does anyone know if this is a letter sent out to all accepted students, or only to students who are definitely not getting funding?

In the event that I don't get funding, does anyone think that paying the ~8k per semester is unmanagable? Anyone know of any good/cheap places to live that are within walking distance to the campus? Any suggestions on how to fund myself at UNC Charlotte?

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I received the same letter of acceptance from UNCC as well, with no funding information. I believe the funding information will show up in our UNCC account inbox (I think they call this the "Niner"(?)) any day now. I'm still waiting on one more PhD program (been painfully rejected by all so far because of my GRE score), but I may just go ahead and take out a loan so I can get this MA!

Also, your areas of interest are REALLY similar to mine. If we both end up at UNCC, we definitely have to go grab some coffee!

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Thanks for the advice. I contacted my DGS and she said that while no departmental fellowships are available, I will likely be able to get one after I am enrolled.

Biking so school sounds like a very reasonable option. My BF will be moving down about four months after I do, and I don't really want to get a car until after he arrives. I will look into Mallard Creek Greenway. Thanks for giving me the heads up about it.

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