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Stats PhD - UGA vs U South Carolina?

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Both Univ of Georgia and Univ of South Carolina have accepted me into their PhD stats programs..BUT they havent mentioned a word about funding! After speaking with their admin staff, it looks like funding chances are poor as they have already allocated funds this year. I have been working and have savings but I am debating if it is wise to go to either of these schools with my own money! I am very keen on stats and I'm highly motivated for phd studies, although initially I will focusing on masters level coursework and evaluate myself in an year if I am good enough for research. Which of these schools do you guys recommend? From what I heard, UGA is a bigger school and maybe better known. How reputed and wellknown are their stats departments?

I am yet to hear from Texas A&M (MS), Iowa St. (MS), Univ of CA-Davis (Phd) and Univ of Maryland-Baltimore county (Phd). I assume funding would be difficult from these schools too. They might have put me on a weighting list as I have seen a few admits from these schools in the results section (except UMBC).

Your comments are highly appreciated. thanks, --TD

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