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Applied Math as an easier option?

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It seems these days that the normal thing to think is..

Pure Math --> Graduate & Professional Studies

Applied Math --> Job after your degree

Yet, there are PhD's in applied mathematics. It seems as though a PhD in applied math is becoming a waste of time, yet it is definitely an easier option to get accepted into at better schools. Would you consider it a closely-related field to pure mathematics, but also a copout to go that route because of the better school or program you got into by adding "applied" to your application?

(Note: I have two degrees in mathematics, and i love it to death, but this is just a serious thing I have encountered with my friends and colleagues and i am curious if anyone else notices this trend. no offenses are meant!)

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Depends on your interests. If you are interested in applied topics then go to an applied program. If you care about pure topics i.e. geometry, logic, topology, analysis, algebra then go to a pure department. It shows a lack of understanding of mathematics if you think going to an applied math department is "copping out".

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