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BioE UCB/UCSF vs Yale vs Oxford (ACE at Cambridge)


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So, I have admits for a Master's program in Bioengieering at Yale, UCB/UCSF and Oxford. Also, have an admit at Cambridge for their Advanced Chemical Engineering program. I have deferred my Cambridge admission and will think about it later. Now leaving me with the other three. Any opinions on what would be a better choice - between the US schools in specific. The only thing Yale brings to the table is the Ivy league brand name, UCB/UCSF program on the other hand is structured much better and obviously has the geographical advantage of being in SF. Fees/Tuition is not a concern. Also, I intend on entering the healthcare industry soon after my masters. Thanks!

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First off, congrats on your acceptances!

I'm still looking at programs in BioE, so I'm sure there are people who might be able to give you a better idea of what it's like to be at each program. Actually, I wasn't even aware that Yale offers a master's in Bioengineering (could you share some information about that?). However, I'm a strong proponent of the joint program at Cal/UCSF. You get access to two renowned institutions (one in engineering, one in medicine) at once, which should give you all the resources and opportunities you could want to further your academics or career. The master's program at Berkeley-UCSF is definitely focused on those who wish to enter industry because the core curriculum consists of more industrially relevant topics, like biotechnology entrepreneurship and strategic management, as opposed to being mostly pure science or engineering courses (but of course, you have the option to fill your elective slots with more industrial-type or more pure science to customize your education just the way you like--which is great).

No doubt that Yale is a great program also, but if your only plus from Yale is it's name, I don't think it's worth it at all. Honestly, I think you might be able to impress more people who are not knowledgeable about life sciences with the Yale name, but for experienced people, as in industry, the Berkeley/UCSF name is just as good if not better.

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I'm a UCB BioE undergrad.

First of all, stay in America! It's where BioE is strongest.

The BioE program at Yale is alright (I've checked). It's an ivy, so it will get you recognition, but it's not particularly well known as a stronghold for BioE (this might matter when you're getting a job).

The UCB/UCSF Masters program is new, but both institutions are very good. As someone already mentioned, UCB is particularly strong in engineering and UCSF is strong in medicine, so you'd get a wide variety of choices in terms of research or course topics.

I would lean towards UCB/UCSF.

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Appreciate both your replies - 'profoundquiet' and 'rune'. I agree with both of you regarding the interdiscplinary opportunities one would get from the UCB+UCSF duo, and my personal inclination is also towards that.

Rune - The Masters in BME at Yale is very flexible (one might even refer to it as ill-structured). One has to do 8 courses over 2 semesters and the masters is done. There are compulsory courses or requirements, but obviously minimum grade requirements are stringent. The research at Yale BME is very advanced, especially in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Trivia: The impact factor of Yale BME publications in 2009-2010 was the highest in US (very surprising), their own BME Newsletter reads so.

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