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MPP 2009 Application Advice

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Hi all.

I'm applying for public policy programs for Fall 2009 and am currently considering the following programs (and will probably apply to a few others):

UCLA, NYU-Wagner, Berkeley-GSPP, USC, UT - Austin-LBJ, U of Chicago-Harris, Georgetown-GPPI, GWU

UGPA is 3.62 from a small, West coast Liberal Arts College with an econ major. GREs are 740V / 750Q / 5.5AW. I've been working in public finance for 3 years, but would very much like to move into social economic policy analysis.

What do you think my chances are of getting in to the above mentioned schools? Are there any programs I'm missing that I would have a shot at getting in to?

Thanks in advance!

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You don't just have a shot at those schools. Your numbers and years of work of experience represent exactly what the schools you listed are looking from a statistical standpoint. Those numbers are even above average for at least one of the schools you listed. I imagine that if you don't completely screw up your personal statement, your "chances" are as excellent as can be.

If I were you, I'd take your least favorite of these schools you listed and replace it with an application at an ivy like Princeton WWS or Harvard KSG, or both. Or just add them both to the list if you can spare the cash. I'm sure they'd be impressed, too. Can't hurt, right?

Did you happen to go to one of the 5 Cs? Just curious.

Also, feel free to contact me if you'd like some perspective on social policy analysis. I've been working for a social policy firm for more than 2 years, and counting.

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Hmm...I don't know what the 5 Cs are, so I don't think so. My undergrad doesn't have much of a national reputation.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I switched to economics a little late in the game (from english major), so i'm a little worried about my recs. but i should be able to get one from my current employer, one from the head of the econ dept and one from another professor (this is the one I'll have to dig for a bit).

I'll PM you about your policy work.

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