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Evaluate: History Program Applicant


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I'll give you a description of my "stats," i.e, GPA, GRE score, internships, etc. Please give me an honest evaluation of what my chances are getting in to graduate programs. Ideally I'd like to apply to a PhD program as a doctoral track master's student and receive some sort of funding. Of is not in my reach, I'd be perfectly happy to attend an M.A. program with some financial help. I'm interested in environmental and political history.

1.) GRE scores: 640 Verbal, 5.5 written (whatever the essay portion is called), 560 Quantitative

2.) 4.0 at a smaller liberal arts-ish college: University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL

3.) Internship at the Historian of the U.S. House of Representatives

4.) Internship with a local Congresswoman from August 2009-April 2010 who was defeated in 2010 election

5.) minimal independent research/ community involvement but great letters of rec

My dream school is University of Wisconsin? What sounds like a realistic option? Could I get in there?

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