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Fully funded MA italian studies


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It's difficult to say something about funding. I'm from a different field, but I want to let you know my experiences: Many universities say they fully fund their students. They write it on their websites, they even tell you this in person or via e-mail. Then - this year for example - they experience budget cuts and other difficulties. So they are not able to fully fund their students. So you will never have a guarantee that you are fully funded. I'm experiencing this the hard way right now. Good luck though!

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It is the first time the recession effect really kicks in. I've heard from the head of placement at the IIE (they place Fulbright grantees in their programs and bargain their funding) that this year it's the worst year ever and it's going to get even worse. The head of placement has been in her job for over 20 years and has never seen a year like this. Plenty of unfunded or only partially funded PhD and Masters offers. Plenty of rejections also for Fulbrighters, because international students simply cost more to the universities... It's devastating. I'm still waiting for a good funding offer. All I have until now is two okay-offers (but far from fully funded) and I'm waiting on two more decisions. It's simply not a good time right now :-(

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