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Phds in the Netherlands


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I have applied for a phd place in the Netherlands. So far I've heard that the stipend would be 2042 euro per month for the first year from which 42% tax and insurance costs will be deducted. However from my brief reading of the Dutch tax code I get the impression that the first portion of my income would be subject to a lower tax braket and that I would get a standard tax credit which would lower my rate of tax. It's all very confusing and I was hoping there was someone about who could offer a little more insight into this.


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The Dutch tax system is complicated to say the least... So far I've only had to fill out my tax forms as a student, which equals paying no tax. Or something, I'm not sure. They usually gave me money back, anyway. You can tell how well-versed I am... (before you get your hopes up: a PhD 'student' is not considered a student here).

You could ask the program what your 'netto' pay would be, your net pay (as opposed to your bruto pay). This website (http://www.berekenhet.nl/werk-en-inkomen/nettoloon.html) gives your nettoloon as 1400 euros, that's probably approximately accurate. I'm sorry I can't give you more information even though I live here myself - it's just very complicated! Luckily they make filling out your tax forms easy :)

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