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NYU vs Columbia University Teacher's College for Psychology


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Hey all!

I was admitted into Columbia Teacher's College in Master of Arts in Psychology in Education degree


NYU's Master of Arts Human Development and Social Intervention program

Needless to say I am a bit torn now. If ANYONE has anything to say about these schools and programs please voice yourself now.


My opinion so far: I have looked more at Columbia's program and I like it because I have LOTS of electives I can take. This is good because I am also interested in international development and hence I could take classes at the OTHER graduate schools such as SIPA.

NYU does not allow for that kind of flexibility as it has a very stringent curriculum.

Overall it seems like Columbia would give me more flexibility in terms of my program, but if ANYONE has anything to say about these programs please do!!!

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Hey! I was actually just looking at programs at both of those universities! Specifically the M.A. Personality and Psychopathology track at Teacher's and the M.A. in Specialized Social Psychology. I was wondering if you made your decision yet and what your deciding factors were? I'm very interested because I am currently a soon-to-be senior and I'm really stressing out about my decision for what is next! Advice? :)

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