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columbia vs cornell vs Gatech for MS in CS


columbia vs cornell vs Gatech for MS in CS   

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  1. 1. which one amoung these is better for databases

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Hey guys,

I have admits from columbia MS in CS and Cornell MEng in CS.. M more inclined towasrds Databases and may prefer to explore Data privacy...

I am still waiting for response from Gatech...

Columbia: (15 April deadline coming)

1) 1.5 semester more time to explore and learn

2) Getting RA is tough but students get in in send sem... 2 profs(very good) in DB group from stanford .. only one takes RA

3) 4-5 big shots in tech and rest non tech

4) NYC is awesome


1) 9 month course . have to complete project as well as course plus getting job...

2) lot of opportunities for projects but not sure what I'll be offered

3) Quite good for jobs both tech and non tech

Can any one tell me abt Gatech's Database group??

My major concern is learning more but yeh need a bit time for my self which helps me in relaxing

Will go for job after my Masters but may prefer to shift to teaching after 5 years(Not sure of it at this point).....



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