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School made an oops..


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I applied to schools two months ago. I patiently waited and respected their "please do not e-mail or call because that slows down the process" statements. However, while checking my online status for Georgia Tech two weeks before the deadline, they still had not received my third recommendation letter or my transcripts. I quickly e-mailed the graduate admissions office. I never received a response and assumed they were really backed up with updating the website due to volume of applicants. I e-mailed again two days before the deadline and still received no response. (Yes, I could have called but I'm currently abroad and sitting on hold would have resulted in enormous charges) At any rate, I finally get an e-mail from the school on the deadline date saying they haven't received all my documents. I laughed hysterically at the e-mail and quickly replied to clear up the situation.

The e-mail back was that they had, in fact, received my recommendation letter, but they had not put it into the system. However, they claimed my transcripts were not "complete". I'm not quite sure what that means. They insisted that if I didn't get them in by April 15th, my application would not be reviewed.

The downside: admissions are on a rolling basis and I filed my application 2 months ago...

My question: Does "missing" the original deadline and having them review my application after they've admitted (I'm assuming) the majority of their students mean that I will have less of a chance?

Has anyone else been in this situation?

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