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Stevens Institute of Tech VS University of Liverpool

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I ve been admitted into Stevens Institute of Tech for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering concentrating in Power generation while in the UK I was admitted to University of Liverpool for MSc Energy Generation. I am an international student and might be able to visit the two universities. I am looking to use the Masters Degree to get into Power Generation projects especially renewable energy sources. In deciding I would be looking at opportunities for practical learning and employ-ability. I m stuck on the decision as it would make a big difference as I am sure the educational systems in the two countries are dissimilar

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I don't know how the University of Liverpool is, but what little I know of Stevens its grad programs are very corporate based. Most of the people I know of who go to Stevens go because there job is paying for it, and it fits around there job. So I would check into how successful people in that program were at getting jobs - beyond current employers. They speak highly of what they are learning, but it is definitely for the purpose of continuing in there jobs not for going further into academia. Maybe my opinion is skewed as the people I know are in the CS program using distance learning for many courses. The location is great right outside of NYC, but that also means the job competition in the area is much higher especially with the number of really good schools in that area.

Naturally that could be a good thing as you want to get the degree to further your career. Though I would definitely look into the types of connections the school can provide to help you further your career.

Good Luck.

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