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Wagner or Heinz


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(Cross posting this from Govt Affairs -- didnt get any response over there)

I've narrowed down my choices to Heinz - MSPPM or Wagner - MPA/Public and Nonprofit Management. I have a wide range of interests and I'm really not sure what I want to do ultimately, but I'm interested generally in nonrprofit management and a wide range of social policy. The feeling I got at NYU was that everyone had a "change the world" sense of purpose, but that it was much less quant-heavy. I think I need the quant stuff to make me stand out from other potential job applicants, etc, but my worry about Heinz is that it might be too general as people have a wider range of interests.

Help me decide!


Pros: smaller, cheaper (living and tuition), more MBA-like courses/focus, very quant/skill focused, MS degree vs. MPA, lots of opportunities for private, public, or nonprofit jobs and internships (LOTS of consulting opportunities)

Cons: Not as great a location as NYC, less social policy and nonprofit specific courses.


Pros: NYC -- lots of opportunities for internships/work experience right in the city, lots of nonprofit and social policy-specific courses

Cons: Expensive, less-quant/skill focused, very big (less interaction with profs and classmates)

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