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Master of mathematics in Courant Institute NYU

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I got accepted in Courant's master program in mathematics and was wondering whether I should go or not. Actually I applied to their phd program but they informed me that I am not qualified enough for their phd program(with financial support) and then I was admitted into the master program of mathematics automatically(without funding).

I am an international senior students majored in both applied math and pure math and Courant is always my dream school! Though I love math very much, I am not sure whether I am suitable in doing mathematical research. I think I am good at math judging from my transcript(only got B- in basic geometry when I was a freshman :angry: , the grades of all the other courses in math, physics,CS,statistics are above A- and most of them are A and A+ ) and I got full marks in GRE SUB math(99%). I've also read dozens of advanced math and physics books and finished most of problems in them(eg. Rudin's three bible in analysis , Stein's three volumes of princeton lecture notes, several books in GTM series on analysis,PDE, probability, algebra and Geometry and about 4 books in the famous Laudau's series of theoretical physics :D ).

But I have little experience in doing real mathematical research. I spent little time on studying about research papers and open problems and I even finished none projects on applications(I think I have the ability to do but I have little chance to try.Because professors in my university are not willing to enroll undergraduate students in their research group since they always believe graduates are more mature and efficient :unsure: ) .

I also got phd offers from some programs in statistics and OR in other colleges in US but I don't want to go! Because these university are not among the top tier and I like sth more theoretic and math is always my first choice!

If I choose Courant's master program, I think I will be able to do math research under the guidence of super mathematcians(the courses they offered are not so advanced from the list but I don't know what on earth the level is since PHD candidates in Courant should take the same ones but I don't think coursework is a burden for me so I will have enough time to do research or at least I have to finish the master thiese). I can feel the atmosphere of the best mathematical research in the world and then decide whether I should pursue a PHD in mathematics to devote myself to math!(I've heard it's harder and harder when U are stepping in the real mathematical research so if I found I am not talented enough for mathematics I can quit as soon as possible with a master degree and take account of more about living ).

I think I can afford the master program without any pressure since I have a deposit of about $100k! But I want to know If I would like to pursue a phd in math and I also have outstanding performance in Courant(eg.straight A in courses, wonderful thesis, or good results in qualify exams ), do I have more chances to become a PHD Candidate with funding?(maybe I cannot sustain for the later phd years if they don't give me support and U know that Courant's PHD(with funding) is very very competitive, they love to enroll posdocs...I think)

If Courant don't provide me with support, is it easier to apply to other PHD programs in TOP Universities in US with a thesised master degree in math in Courant?(above all, I have enriched my experience in Courant which is a well-known institute in almost all branches in math and applied math and I may have great opportunities to get stronger recommendation letters from famous mathematicians...)

Does anyone give me some more suggestions or tell me further information about this program?(It's better if U are one of the PHDs in Courant :P or U got the AD of MS and decide to go )

PS: Courant has another master program called the MS of Scientific Computing...it is intended for professions...Who can tell me something about the job placement and the career service of this program?

THX very much for reading and I will appreciate u helping me!:rolleyes:

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In my opinion, even if you have the money I don't think it is worth it. Take a year and reapply; the masters offer from NYU is just a way for them to get more money.

Can you say more about this? I agree with you that NYU just wants to make money, but couldn't this be a mutually beneficial arrangement? Eventually I would like to get a PhD in Operations Research at a top tier university, but while my undergrad transcript is strong, I didn't take as much math as I should have and haven't done any mathematical research. I have the money to pay for a MS, so my thinking is that we both get what we want; I get a strong mathematical education from a top mathematics department and NYU (or other schools with similar programs) gets some money. I then apply to PhD programs and (hopefully) can get funding to go to an excellent school. Everybody wins. Does this reasoning make sense to you, or do you disagree? I don't mean to argue with you, I just want to know what you (or anyone else) think about this.

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Well he said he needs research experience and probably some graduate courses in mathematics to get into some top schools. I am not sure what difference it makes to reapply again if he cant get research experience and take graduate courses back home, he might end up applying with the same profile. You have an excellent Subject test score, so i am sure doing a thesis and taking the Phd courses at NYU would make your profile stronger, you said money is not a concern because you will probably be spending about 60000 in total on the degree + living expenses. The only thing is you might have to wait to re apply after you graduate from the program so you might have a year off.

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