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Help me!!


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I got accepted to two schools for nano tech:

Rice University, for 2000 a month

and Notre Dame for 2500 a month...

I like both schools, good research. I visited them both.

I don't really know about their prestige though.

From my visit I think that the people who were visiting with me at Rice came from better universities, there were guys from Caltech, and Berkely, and Cornell there, but noone like that was interested in Notre Dame.

I dont really care about sports, and the campus life looked cool at both places... I'm dying inside trying to choose.

Tell me what to do!

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Rice is more prestigious in engineering than Notre Dame. However, you should also strongly consider which school matches best with your research interests. Which of the two programs has a better nanotechnology program (that's your area, right?). I don't know about nanotechnology programs, but if everything else was equal, I'd go with Rice, even if their stipend is slightly lower than Notre Dame's. Good luck with the decision.

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