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I finished my undergrad in '09. And I got abut 3-4 good LORs that I stored with Interfolio. I won't be needing them for another 3-4 years. But I just realized that 2 of my references wrote letters recommending me to a Political Science Phd Program and 2 references wrote letters for a Political Theory Phd Program.

Does anyone think this will cause problems with a Political Science Phd Program if I submit all 4 letters? To put it into perspective I majored in Political Science but I was leaning heavily towards Political Theory. There was so much overlap, at the time I figured I could use them interchangeably and I hope the references noted that in the letters. But I waived my rights to read them, so I have no idea.

The best thing would be to ask my former professors to make adjustments to what they wrote. But, I have lost contact with all of them.

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If you can, try to establish contact again if not you will need to pick and choose and you would need a more recent LoR. The letters from 2009 and using it in 3 to 4 years is gonna be old.

Yes that's the risk. But no recent writers can talk about research ability. I'll have to balance some of the old LORs with more recent ones.

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If you have the time, you can always start sending emails during holidays and catch up on things. If they don't remember you at all then I guess you are gonna have to go with your old letters.

It's worth a try. I'll attach some old papers. Not hopeful though, its been a few years already.

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