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WSU or SUNY Albany


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PhD program in Education (literacy and language) in WSU and SUNY Albany, without funding. (No info about funding. If offered, I would definitely go to WSU)

Which one would you go, Washington St. Univ. or SUNY Albany? I know that SUNY systems had some budget cuts lately. Should I take that into consideration?

Or if you know anything about the program, please share with me!

SUNY Albany

+Higher graduate school ranking on US News.

+The faculty are much more well-known in the field, compared with WSU. (And maybe more opportunities?)

- The living expense is higher.



+ The living expense is lower. WSU provides affordable school housing.

+ Small town living. I've been to Michigan St. Univ, and like it there. Guess Pullman is very much like East Lansing.

+ Better reviews on student review.

-The faculty seems to be much younger, and not as well-known as those in Albany. (I'm not judging the faculty from their age. No offense)

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