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Most in demand field of classics?


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Obviously none are "in demand" so to speak. However, which fields tend to have an easier time finding TT positions. Suppose we break it down into Ancient History, Classical Philosophy, Archeology and Art, and Philology. What about compared to other fields of history and philosophy. Thanks.

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I think what lapyx was trying to get at, was if you're going to study this field/area, what degree title (Ancient Hist, Classics, Archaeology, etc) will give you a better chance of obtaining that TT position.

I'm not certain, but I have a feeling that "classics" (languages) is the most popular TT position. That being said, I don't think it really matters what your official degree title is, so long as you meet the job requirements and expectations.

I know a professor who has a degree in Classical literature, but has an official appointment as Prof of Roman archaeology, and has never received any official training as an archaeologist, AND also tends to publish nearly all of his work under the ancient history category.

Lapyx - don't restrict your studies or understanding of the ancient world to the broad labels that are used, simply because one label may or may not get you a TT position. Your publications, knowledge and abilities are all that will matter.

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