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Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee vs. Univ. of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


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So, I have narrowed my speech-language pathology graduate decision down to these two schools. The main aspect of University of Oklahoma HSC that turns me off is the heavy courseload: 16 credits each semester the first year, and then full-time practicums each semester the second year including 4 credits more of coursework per semester. Is this a lot? It seems like it is compared to other schools. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has a credit load limit of 12 credits a semester, and that includes on-campus practicum during the first year. Do you think 16 credits of coursework as required by OUHSC is just too much? Is a full time practicum with 4 credits of coursework per semester going to be too much to handle as well!? Help! Thanks :)

Plus, Univ. of Oklahoma HSC has a much better ranking (US News and World Report) than Univ. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee....I'm not sure how much I should take these rankings into consideration, but the better ranking of OUHSC does draw me to the school also.

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16 is a lot! However, I will have full time practicum with 6-9 credit hours the second year (finishing first year now), so I imagine that taking more credits your first year enables you to have fewer the second year. It also prepares you more fully for your practicums. So, it might be that your first year will be more academically rigorous (and exhausting!), but your second year will be a little easier, with less classwork.

Regardless, grad school is intense, no matter where you go. You can't predict right now exactly how you'll feel about the coursework. How do you feel about the programs in general? What draws you to each one?

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Thanks for your response! :) I am drawn to the wide variety of clinical experiences related to my areas of interest at UW-Milwaukee. They have on-campus clinic related to unique voice disorders/voice treatement and swallowing equipment to work with. In regards to OUHSC, I am really attracted to their unique clinical experiences as well...including the cleft lip/palate clinic. So, I just don't know what to do because they both have unique opportunities that are very different! This is so difficult, but a good type of difficult of course. Well, I will really have to think hard about all of this. Thank you again for your response!

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