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Stipend/tuition waiver?


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Hello all,

I will be applying to Sociology MA programs Fall 2012. I am wondering, since I am of a different discipline (Speech Communications), if that hurts my chances of receiving a TA/RA position or any sort of stipend/tuition remission? My application package will probably look like this: 1000-1100 GRE, 3.4GPA, and I will have great LOR's from all professor's one being sociology field. Would my SOP have an impact on my stipend/tuition waiver, should I mention why I think I should get one? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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In many cases, to get stipend/tuition remission/TA, you need to be competitive against all the other applicants (higher GPA, higher GRE, great LoR, and lots of experience in the proposed field). You need to look at graduate schools and see their minimum requirements for applicants. For example, if school X's GRE score for verbal is 500 and quant 600, your GRE score of 1000-1100 is not going to be competitive enough. Although the graduate committee will examine your application package as a whole, you will have a much better chance at receiving funding if you have better stats.

I am not sure if stating your financial need in SOP is the best way to go.

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I suggest you spend some time checking the following:


comparing your profile with the posted results you can find how competitive your tentative admissions package might be. I come from a field where 1400+ GRE, plus 750+ subject GRE plus 3.8 undergrad GPA is not competitive enough, so my opinion might be biased, but I think you should seriously try to improve your stats.

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