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summer before grad school


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i know this has been asked before - and most people seem to not have held down jobs or 'work experience' -type placements. was wondering if other people would be willing to share...

does anyone have any advice for how to spend the summer before grad school (masters)?

i'm in my last year of undergrad, feeling burnt out by thesis-writing and course work. i'm going to be attending a program in the fall that is allegedly pretty intense, as it's on the quarter rather than semester system and involves a thesis as well.

should i take it easy this summer? or should i use the opportunity to get some relevant work experience, or, say, volunteer doing something productive?

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take it easy. you will have no time to take it easy once in grad school. However, you can do a part time job or anything you enjoy doing .. you might want to check the classes you are gonna take and read some stuff slowly .. no rush no nothing .. take it easy and enjoy the summer .. congrats on your admission!

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