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applying Fall 2012 after a year off

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Hey guys!!

I am new to grad cafe and I am interested in applying to Library Science Programs for Fall 2012. I am graduating in May from the University of Miami with a rather unimpressive GPA (3.4... maybe 3.5 after this term if I am lucky) and I have yet to take the G.R.E. I am taking this next year off in which I hope to gain experience in a library setting. I have applied to a few jobs but most libraries are not hiring... where else should I look for jobs in archiving/ library settings??

I am really interested in special collections and spoke to the head of special collections at our library here at UM. She used to work for UCLA and talked about how great the Special collections program is. Another program she mentioned was UNC. I was curious as to what the chances are of me getting into programs like those with possibly a 3.4 GPA. I know it might be hard to consider without my GRE scores, but I intend to take those soon.

I am also considering moving to LA for my year off and getting residency (I haven't looked into this that closely though), so I would love to really know what my chances are and what your recommendations are for getting into UCLA's program. As of right now it is my first choice.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Have you though about alternate "librarian-type" information management roles? I've worked for a little over a year as a researcher in executive search, and both the research tools part and the database management experience were a HUGE asset in getting into programs.

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