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Gatech MS CS Fall 2011 - Anyone still waiting?


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Yes I am still waiting. I applied to the MS information security and got accepted; I also applied to the MS CS and I am still waiting on the results from that. My guess is since some students have already been rejected, those still waiting my be on a a form of waiting list.

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Well, have you applied to MS CS Fall 2011, Gatech, Atlanta? I am asking this because ur Application Season says : Spring 2011.

If yes, some info I would like to know :

1) What's ur Current Application Status in buzzport? - Mine : Pre-Eval.

2) Have u ever received an e-mail asking ur interest in accepting the offer, if given by Gatech? This email has been known as "Confirmation Mail" among the applicants. - Haven received this.

3) From India? :)


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My current status on buzzport say accepted for MS Info Sec and Pre-Eval for MS CS. Yes my application is MS CS FALL 2011, Ga tech, ATL.

I received the confirmation mail for MS CS info sec but I have not replied yet because I am still waiting on the result of my MS CS application.

Nope I am not from India.

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Okay, Cool! Nice to see a fella out here giving company for the continued wait wrt Gatech MS CS decision. :)

Yeah, you may be right in saying that we might be on a sort of "Waiting List" since sending out a reject is no big deal for them I suppose! And I wonder what would happen for those offers which are turned down with the fact that few would opt for other universities' admit based on valid reasons.

I just guess these offers would be redeployed to us - the so called Wait Listed people(as per my speculations again), unless they have plans of carrying forward them to the following Spring season or the next Fall for that matter. If the latter is the case, we would be unlucky though :( And I guess this redeployment might only be the way of getting an admit now, since almost all of the first-time offers would have been made by last month or so.

The above are just my optimistic visions coming out since I don't wanna have my dream(MS CS in Systems - being specific, Comp Arch & Virtualization @ Gatech, Atlanta) shattered having come this far in time with lotta patience. I hope the same is the case with all those people who are still waiting like me.

However, would like to hear ur thoughts on redeployment of turned down offers. And also, you have any idea when would Gatech call it a day for all the remaining results, finally for MS CS this Fall?

PS : I know 2 others who also are waiting like us which makes 4 passengers for the continued wait journey! Let's wish good luck to ourselves \m/

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