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Washington University in St. Louis vs. Tulane


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I have been accepted to WUSTL and I am waiting to hear back from Tulane. Originally, I had been leaning towards Tulane bc it's a shorter program (16 months) and New Orleans would be a cool place to live, but I'm wondering about the quality of the program at Tulane. Specifically, how stimulating is it? How is the staff? How is the workload? Also, I am thinking about doing the International Social Work Certificate program. Has anyone gone through this and what did you think?


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I applied to Tulane last year and got in but chose not to go due to finances (it was a really tough decision). First of all, the staff and faculty were WONDERFUL. I was able to meet with the admissions director, field placement officer (who spent over an hour with me) and sit in on a class. I was definitely impressed with the program. When I was looking into the program, I spoke to an alumni (LCSW) and she felt the program had really prepared her to come back to California (where we are both from) and begin her career--she has worked in school based social work and now is in private practice. She did say that the 4 back to back semesters does make the program really intense but the "clinical community" curriculum model has served her well. There are good field placement options but a number of them were cut due to the aftermath of the Hurricane. If you went, you would definitely need a car.

Call them if you have any questions, they are really great!

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