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An inquiry. Japanese and American students' Life.


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Hello, my name is Tanya:) I'm a student from Russia. And I'm very fond of American and Japanese cultures. I'm making this small research about the life of the students, who study in America and Japan. It would've been a great help, if you could answer some of the following questions. It's anonymous, I'll just make the statistics. Please, be free to ask me anything you're interested in. Hope, it won't be a bother <_<:rolleyes:

1) How much hours a day do you sleep?

2) At what hour do your classes/lectures start?

3) How many classes a day do you usually have?

4) At what time is your lunchbreak?

5) Do you have time for your lunch every day?

6) Can you eat on your classes?

7) Are you free after your studies? What do you usually do?

8) Where do you spend most of your time?

9) Do you have club activities?

10) Do you have to study a lot by yourself?

11) Do you live with your parents?

12) Do you have part-/full-time job?

13) What are your main interests/hobbies?

14) What is you favourite place in your town to hang out with your friends?

15) At what hour do you go to bed?

Anyway, thanks for your attention:)

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