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Harvard Kennedy School MPP to PhD

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I've decided to go for my MPP at HKS beginning this fall, but my ultimate endeavor has always been to pursue a PhD at the Kennedy School. I wanted a Master's so that I could also have a professional degree. I was perusing the GSAS when I found this:

"Note to internal applicants from the Kennedy School only: Applicants for predoctoral study may apply as early as the first term in residence. In some cases a student may choose to wait until the midpoint of the second year to apply. Through careful choice of elective courses, students usually can complete the course requirements for the predoctoral program concurrently with those of the master in public policy (MPP) and master in public administration (MPA) programs, if they choose."

Those in the know: Does this mean I could go ahead and apply for one of their four PhD programs my very first semester as an MPP candidate? How often do they accept HKS internal applicants, especially those who apply in their first semester in a master's program? All advice is welcome.

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