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Switching Master's Program in UPenn


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I have a BS in Electrical Engineering. I applied to and got into UPenn for MSE in Nanotechnology. The program is interdisciplinary and includes courses from the Electrical, Mechanical, material sciences and Chem & Bio departments and the Wharton school of business.

I'm still excited about the course but I'm told that employment scenario for nanotechnology may be bleak for international students and most jobs require a PhD.

Also the tuition is pretty steep and I will be borrowing a lot of money to pay for the course so getting a PhD is not an option atleast for sometime. I will need a job to pay back my loans.

The rest of the universities I've got into are not as good as Upenn and cost approximately the same as UPenn.

I will be taking a few courses in the electrical department .

So can anyone tell me if I will be able to switch to the ESE department (for either Telecommunications or Electrical engineering-- both are a part of the ESE dept) after a semester if the job scene for nanotech isnt that great??

<b>Please help me guys I'm losing my mind trying to decided</b>

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