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BME M.Eng - Cornell vs. BU vs. WPA vs. Maryland


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I have admits for the Masters of Engineering programs in Cornell, BU, WPA, and Maryland. Since all of these programs are non-thesis based I have no intentions of pursuing a research degree and am interested in entering industry after graduating with a masters, and then hopefully do an MBA down the line.

Which school would be best for job placement, experience, salary, etc.?


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Although I don't know which field you're going into, I would highly recommend Cornell because of their exceptional engineering school as well as prestige. Industry would love the Cornell name over those other schools.

I agree, I am from the Boston area and although BU and WPI do have very good names around hear, there is no doubt that Cornell would be the BEST option for you. Cornell makes people say WOW, WPI and BU dont.

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