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Due to some rather odd circumstances, right now I have about a 2.2 GPA at a top private school Stetson University, and am awaiting spring semester grades. I had transfered in from another school where I did not do as well because I had a hard time with the programing since I was a game design major that was computer science/digital arts. Next year I apply to graduate schools. I am a digital arts major and I am trying to get into grad school for visual arts or game design or animation. I understand my portfolio is very important and I have been focusing on creating that, including getting a group together to create a video game (3d modeling and concept art) with the demo being done before the grad school application dead line. I also have had one internship in video editing (in Hollywood, CA) and am about to have another this summer in video editing,special effects, animation, 3d modeling, or game design depending on what the company I am going to interview with wants me to do as well as become admitted into the snafu webcomic group to do a web comic for them as well as start my own webcomic with a friend. Also have started a band, am working on a book to get published and turn into a script and possibly start to turn into a video series or movie, and I am going to do an independent project next school year as well as an internship or two (I might end up being an long distance intern for a company that makes music videos and possibly I might end up with an internship with a game company near by).

My relevant course experience consists of creative writing, video editing, filming,special effects, 3d modeling, animating, green screen, and sound editing. Next year I am going to gain drawing and sculpting as well as make a three part video series for my independent project that will add on script writing and possibly web design. I know I am going to try to take drawing, screen writing and web design courses this summer from institutions near where i'll be internshiping in Texas.

Do you think I have a good chance of getting into a grad school? Some of the grad schools I am looking at are schools such as Texas a & m, SMU Guild Hall, and University of North Texas at Dallas and I am always looking for more in Texas since Texas is number 2 for the Video game industry.

Also, any tips on what could help me boost my chances dramatically?

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