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MPA-ID, Mason fellows Mc/MPA at HKS


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Hi guys,

I plan to do an MPA-ID as a course considering i would like to land up at the UN institutions, World Bank / UNIDO etc.

Country from:India

Educational background:Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Master of Business Administration

Professional Qualification (post MBA): Management Consulting - 2years, Supply Chain Management consulting 3 years

Relevant experience: As a Freemason past 6 years, i have been actively volunteering towards an old age home for the needy, blood donation & medical camps for the poor, pediatric cancer patients cell in a government hospital in India, part of an informal group looking after abandoned dogs on the roads.

Other Interests: Golf, international affairs

Areas of weakness : Economics, Quants

This being my profile, i have shortlisted the LSE - MPA ID and the HKS - Mid career MPA

My questions as follows:

  • Which are the other universities you believe i can apply for?
  • cost is a constraint hence availability of scholarships
  • Since im weak in the quant and economics subjects, would these courses be difficult for me to manage
  • I have an overall 5years post MBA work-ex and 2 years pre-MBA work-ex, is GMAT and GRE an absolute necessity for the same
  • One of the key objectives of doing the course is to join the UN orgns, do you believe these courses can help me get there

Appreciate if you can help me out with this.


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