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Hello people,

I plan to take up the MPA ID considering my interest in international affairs.However, i am a little anxious considering that i have been working in the private sector as a Business consultant for the past 5 years post my MBA. I have been able to shortlist only 2 universities so far being HKS-Midcareer professionals MPA and LSE - MPA ID. Is GMAT / GRE an absolute must for the MPA courses?Also, since i do not have a background on the social side as most of you have (my undergrad was in engineering) do you think my chances will be one in a million chances of getting in? The only social cause work i have been able to do is as a volunteer considering my Freemasonry background past 6 years.Should i understand right, i need to have my SOPs and the references ready and sent by December which does not leave me with much time left at all. Another honest question is , my quant & economics is pretty weak, do you think it might be very difficult for me to cope up with the course study? And finally, can you advise me some universities i can look at where GMAT/GRE is mandatory?

Warm regards,


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