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Florida Atlantic University MA in Communication


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I applied to one school which was FAU for their MA School of Communication program. I am a recent graduate from FAU with a BA in Film and Multimedia Studies. After learning from some of the best professors there, I decided that is where I want to continue. Here is my problem. I have taken the GRE over twice and have received very very very very low scores (760.) I thought I did 10 times better this time around about it turns out I only did 10 points better. I wanted to know if anyone on here knows how much the graduate commitee weighs GRE scores. I have a 3.3 upper-level gpa and a 3.4 gpa in my field of study. I have excellent letters of rec from 2 of the professors within The School of Communication, along with a good SOP and a 30 pages work sample(which was optional to submit.) I will be taking the GRE over again next month. I have taken 2 prep courses. I have purchased too many books and study daily(at work too). I do not know what else I can do. The min req to get in is a 3.0 by the way. They have the min GRE scores at 1000.

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