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My chances of getting admitted to cancer genetics phd program


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Hi everyone,

I am a third year biology student from Turkey. I will apply phd programs to start in fall of 2012. My GPA is around 3.4. (last two years: 3,7). I have not taken GRE and the subject yet. I will take them in September. I am considering to apply to Alber Einstein College of medicine, the University of Chicago, UT southwestern medical center, university of south florida, university of wisconsin-madison and boston university because nearly all of them have separate cancer biology programs.

I have no publication or presentation in an academic conference but I do have some research experience. I am working as an undergraduate researcher in a cancer genetics lab and this summer I will do my internship in German Cancer Research Center.

I am wondering my chances to be admitted to one of these programs.


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You need to get a good GRE score like 1200 and up and try to present that research in ant scientific symposium or conference. Most important, letter of recommendation, this are very important, ask your research mentor to write you a strong letter saying your potential as a Ph.D. students and so on. I think that you have a good change, but you need a strong GRE. Remember there are hundreds application as same as yours with good GPA, research and a couple of them with publication in journals of strong impact, when you do your application, you should focus in what do you have, that the other pool of applicants don't have? Why they should deny the others and admit you directly to the PhD program. Also you need to take the TOEFL

Good luck

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