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PhDbiochemistry, D(ABMM) license, clinical laboratory, medical microbiology

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Recently I was accepted to the doctoral program

(Ph.D.) in Biochemistry at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Medical Sciences

Campus, School of Medicine to start in August 2011. I

found that if you do three years of post-doctoral

training in clinical microbiology (any PhD related to

microbiology is acceptable for what I understood) and

get licensed by the American Board of Medical

Microbiology D(ABMM) and/or SM(ASCP) you can be director

of laboratory that diagnose infectious diseases and do research at the same time, this

having "one foot in academics (research) and the other in

clinical laboratory in hospitals" . I don't want

to spend all the time in academia, basically I want to

be more in clinical sciences and translational

research like molecular diagnostics, etc. So has anyone with a PhD has taken this route

before? or eith a PhD in biochemistry can be done, because I can change to the PhD in medical microbiology that is offer at this school of medicine?

P.S. also I'm gonna take the MCAT in August 2011 and hopefully get a god score,

because is the MD or MD/PhD is better suited for this

kind of research????

Thank you for your time,

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